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What does it do?

This service allows you to annotate a VCF-file with miRNA features, aggregated by our laboratory from various sources and our own experimental work.

What kind of features?

For a given coordinate in a VCF file we provide a list of known miRNAs, a list of cell lines and source datasets, wherein these miRNAs were observed, a list of genes and region type annotations.

This tab allows you to submit a single point at a time. While you can make as many of these submissions as you want, if you have more than a dozen of points to process, you should consider the VCF submission form instead.

You can upload and process any VCF file (v4.0-4.2), though your upload can be no more than 20MB. The file can be compressed by any gzip-compatible method (for instance, gzip itself or bgzip). To limit workload, our system only processes the first 500k lines from a submitted VCF file (excluding the header lines). The output is a bgzipped VCF v4 file.